CamScanner Unlocks an Advanced Feature to American IOS and Android Users

With the continuous development of mobile applications, it seems that all real-world problems can be solved by one smartphone. For example, if you want to improve work efficiency, you can find a large number of productivity tools on Google Play or Apple App Store. Among these functional apps, CamScanner is one of the most favored choices of users. Recently, CamScanner unlocked an advanced feature — removing watermark — to all American IOS and Android basic accounts. Let’s explore the secret behind CamScanner’s success, starting with this pre-VIP feature.

Introduction about this newly unlocked advanced feature

CamScanner was released in 2011. It is free for download on both IOS and Android. Users can try some basic functions, such as high-quality scanning and PDF conversion. However, after you scan a document, there will be watermarks stating ‘scanned by CamScanner’. Users must upgrade to a premium account to remove watermarks and unlock other advanced features.

Now, American IOS and Android users can remove this watermark without a subscription. All you need is to scan the document as usual, choose your preferred format, click remove watermark, and save it! It is convenient because your document will look more professional and can be used in formal occasions.

Is it still worth subscribing to CamScanner?

Of course, yes. Removing the watermark is just a tiny part of CamScanner’s features. There are lots of paid features waiting for users to explore. For example, by subscribing to CamScanner, you can edit and modify your document. Annotations can be made on existing documents using a variety of editing tools. You can also easily watermark the files you create.

Besides, this app allows you to secure crucial papers. It is not as sophisticated as other security programs, but a basic password will ensure that no one is peeking through your important documents. This app also has cloud storage capabilities, which allow you to upload scanned documents to a secure server. A premium account owns a cloud space of 10G, and a standard account only has 200M.

The time limit for trash data storage differs greatly between paid and unpaid accounts. Sometimes people may delete an important document by mistake. A premium account enables users to recover trash data within 30 days, while a basic account can only recover data you have deleted in 7 days.

More importantly, a premium account can better experience cutting-to-edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. As we all know, CamScanner is a pioneer in OCR technology. Making the best of this advanced technology, CamScanner provides accurate scanning services and supports users in converting Image files to Word and extracting text from PDFs, photos, and even handwriting.

A basic account, without Image to Word function, can only try cloud OCR for more accurate results 3 times for free and have only one free trial per month to turn image to Excel. However, if you upgrade to a premium account, you can use cloud OCR for more accurate results 1000 times a month, Image to Excel 500 times a month and unlock the Image to Word feature.

Moreover, there are other paid services like certificate mode, jigsaw mode, no ads, electronic signature and so on. It is really worth subscribing to CamScanner.

Introduction about CamScanner Business Account

Besides premium accounts, CamScanner also offers business accounts for those needing team file management.

By upgrading to CamScanner business account, users can access all the advanced features and batch management. Specifically, users can enjoy all the features that a premium account has while you can set a team folder and share it with all team members. Users can also set up document access management.

How does CamScanner make a success?

Catering to user needs is one main reason that CamScanner can succeed. Paper document processing on smart devices is much more than just scanning. Obtaining a digital version is the initial stage, followed by requirements such as making annotations, adding e-signatures, and sharing them with collaborators. CamScanner is likely the most thoughtful software in this regard, delving into the actual needs of users and making unending attempts to meet them.

When you open the CamScanner app, you can see a series of toolkits in the center of the screen, which makes it look more like a multifunctional workshop with various productivity tools for processing documents than a camera with scanning features. CamScanner’s diversified features are essential for CamScanner to compete in the market of scanner apps.

Attaching importance to user experience makes CamScanner excel in the market. Most users will find CamScanner easy to use and can really simplify the workflow. Take syncing documents across platforms as an example. With CamScanner, documents can also be synced across numerous platforms. It enables users to scan the document with a mobile phone, and then edit it on a laptop, which saves users plenty of intermediary steps.

In conclusion, CamScanner is an ideal choice for both individuals and businesses. It is a super user-friendly document management tool with industry-leading features!