From OCR to Portrait Enhancement, CamScanner Consistently Drives New Innovations

The scanner app is vital to everyone. It can help you strategically manage your school or office paperwork, scan identification documents like ID cards and passports, govern your tickets, receipts and coupons… There are numerous scanner apps in the market, and CamScanner is definitely one of these most popular powerful document management tools.

However, the key to CamScanner’s attraction is much more than just scanning. When users open the CamScanner app, they embrace a series of toolkits in the center of the screen, which looks more like a multifunctional workshop with rich productivity tools for processing and editing documents. From OCR to Portrait Enhancement, CamScanner excels in the market with constant technology innovations and provides users with a superb user experience.

CamScanner’s Industry-leading OCR Technology

OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition. In nature, it is a practical technology that recognizes text in an electronic image. CamScanner has invested in numerous sources to research and develop this technology and its application. Now, CamScanner takes the lead in OCR technology and has applied it to various features.

For instance, CamScanner’s PDF conversion tools use this technology to recognize and extract all contents from PDF files, including text, photos, and even tables, and convert them into editable Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files without losing any formats.

In the meantime, this software investigates and enhances the accuracy of image identification using OCR and deep learning technology. CamScanner uses this technique to extract text from images and transform scanned PDFs into PPTs or Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, the OCR capability works in conjunction with CamScanner’s Quick-Search feature to let users find specific texts among their saved photographs and notes.

CamScanner’s Innovative Portrait Enhancement

For the majority of people, recovering vintage photos looks time-consuming and difficult. They think that only experts with the necessary technical equipment and expertise could finish this challenging undertaking.

However, everyone can recover their old photos with CamScanner thanks to its newly released “Portrait Enhancement” feature.

The following functions are included under “Portrait enhancement” according to CamScanner:

Improve and add definition to portraits;

Automatic scratch detection and repair;

Accentuate the skin’s texture and complement facial features;

Lossless enlargement of small-sized images;

Moreover, colorize black-and-white pictures.

CamScanner has made it easy for every user to try this new feature. Users can access this new function by tapping the camera icon and scrolling to the ‘Portrait Enhancement’ page after installing or upgrading the CamScanner app. They might upload or take a picture, check the cropping area, then press to start the restoration procedure.

When the repair is complete, CamScanner will display a preview, allowing users to use a slider to compare the newly fixed image to the original. If satisfied with the results, they can save the colorized and restored image. The free edition of CamScanner gives customers access to all features for ten trial scans, while premium memberships grant users unlimited access.

CamScanner’s Efforts in Technology Innovation

CamScanner was initially released in 2011. It enables users of both iOS and Android devices to scan documents and photos. The software has deep editing capabilities that empower users to convert a variety of file types, extract text, annotate, and add watermarks or signatures to their documents. With its most recent “Portrait Enhancement” tool, CamScanner upholds its commitment to using technology to make people’s lives easier.

Famous for its high-quality scanning, text extraction, and image processing functions, CamScanner has been picked by more than 550 million users from over 200 countries. Those who have a CamScanner account are given a basic 300M cloud space. Without having to carry bulky paper papers, individuals can sync their data to its cloud or other personal clouds and access it from any location. Users enjoy scanning their files with CamScanner to enjoy an efficient workflow and digital document management.

By upgrading to a premium account, users can unlock advanced features, such as stronger OCR functions with higher accuracy, more extensive cloud storage, a longer period to recover wrongly-deleted data, watermark the file, etc.

Catering to users’ needs, CamScanner keeps innovating in features. It intends to turn every smartphone into an all-in-one scanner tool. The best illustration of CamScanner’s innovative success is “Portrait Enhancement,” which shows that the company never ceases seeking advancement.

CamScanner will keep placing a premium on technology innovation in the future to simplify life for every user with its tech-driven advanced capabilities.