Finals Week: CamScanner empowers students with free-to-use premium services

With final exams fast approaching in universities and high schools worldwide, world-renowned document scanning and editing tool CamScanner is empowering students with free advanced features to help streamline their studying.

With a lot of one’s grades riding on their final exams, finals week has long been synonymous with high stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights filled with studying. Naturally, with cramming going on between multiple subjects, notes and other materials can become cluttered and hard to consolidate, adding to the headache of preparing for exams. CamScanner is the perfect finals study tool for streamlining and organizing class materials, so students can better focus on acing their exams.

Finals Week: CamScanner empowers students with free-to-use premium services

CamScanner’s free advanced features come under educational accounts offered for students, which include the app’s advanced features free of charge. Many of the features are ideal for note-taking and streamlining studying.

With the advanced features, students can consolidate and organize their notes across different subjects and sources and read them with greater clarity, all from their phone or computer.

Notes under any condition can be scanned and saved as PDF or JPG files with greater clarity, removing such imperfections as coffee stains, creases, and watermarks, making sifting through and interpreting old damaged notes a thing of the past.

CamScanner image enhancement feature improves scan quality: Before and After

Likewise, with its handwriting removal feature, students can separate their answers from questions on old tests, allowing for a more streamlined study process.

“We understand how important it is for students to perform to the best of their abilities during finals week,” said Minnie Zhou, CamScanner’s marketing director, “The ones in school, the ones about to partake in finals, these students are our future. This is why we want to empower them with free access to our premium services, because we believe everyone should have the right to academic success and pursue what’s best for their future.”

About CamScanner

First released in 2011, CamScanner is a mobile app that allows users to scan, edit and manage documents. With over 400 million downloads across 200+ countries in over 60 languages, the app consistently ranks as one of the top business and efficiency apps on the market.

CamScanner is available on GooglePlay for Android and the App store for Apple.