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1.New users click the invitation link
2.They download CamScanner
3.They paste the invitation code in the redemption box and get premium


1.Only new users who have not registered (or have registered within the past 7 days) for CamScanner can redeem the code. Each new user can participate in this promotion only once.
2.For this activity, we only allow one account per device. Multiple accounts on the same device cannot receive rewards repetitively.
3.Registered users are limited to 10 invites per year. They cannot receive over 30 days of Premium per year from this promotion
4.The promotion is only available outside mainland China.
5.Users can enjoy benefits of Premium on the CamScanner App (iOS, Android ) and on
6.Public distribution of codes on coupon sites or other public boards is prohibited. Reselling CamScanner invite codes and accounts is strictly prohibited. Referrals are to be distributed between friends and colleagues.
7.CamScanner reserves the right to suspend your account and revoke referral rewards if you violate our terms of service.


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