1.How does CamScanner referral campaign work?
When you invite friends to CamScanner, you can get Premium when they get started using it. Here's how it works:
1. One successful and qualified referral will get you one-month Premium. There' no limit to the total amount of referrals you can make;
2.When your friends purchase Premium for the first time, you'll get an extra one-month Premium;
3.Your friends also benefit from referrals. Every friend you refer will be given one-month Premium.
2.What counts as a successful referral?
In order for your referrals to successfully get you Premium, the people you invite must do both of the following:
1.Create a new CamScanner account by clicking your unique link;
2.Install CamScanner and sign in;
Signing in on a browser does not qualify as a referral. Each referral must be on a separate device that has not been used for any other referral.
3.How do I invite friends?
Go to the referral webpage and sign in to CamScanner. Then you can invite friends using any of the following methods:
1.Send your friends an email. Just enter your friends' email addresses in the field then hit Invite. They'll receive an email with a unique referral link.
2.Post your referral link to a social media account such as Twitter or Facebook.
3.Copy and paste your referral link into a chat window, an email, or any other way that you connect with friends, family, and colleagues.
4.How can I know if I successfully referred a friend?
Please visit the campaign page to see the status of your referrals. It'll tell you how many successful referrals you've made and how many months of Premium you've got.
5.How can I know if I successfully got the Premium?
Once your referral meets our requirements, the Premium will be added automatically to your account and you'll be notified vie pop-up and email. Check your account type and expiry date in app left side bar -> Settings -> Account
6.Why haven't I received the complimentary Premium?
Please make sure your friend
1. Sign up with CamScanner;
2. Install CamScanner free on his/her iPhone or Android phone (it has to be a new unique device);
3. Sign in to the app
Furthermore, the Premium will be sent in 24 hours after your friend successfully sign in to the app. If your referral qualifies, and you still haven't received the Premium, please contact support@intsig.com
7.Can I participate in this campaign if I've already subscribed the Premium?
This campaign is available to all users. The Premium service you earned in the campaign will be added into your account. After your purchased Premium expires or you terminate subscribing, you'll be able to use the Premium you earn from this promotion.
8.What should I do if the Premium gets expired?
Your account will automatically turn back to basic account when the Premium gets expired. You are still able to enjoy all the features provided for basic users. We will occasionally launch campaigns to provide free trial of Premium service.
9.What should I do if I still need the Premium service when those I earned get expired?
You can keep referring friends to earn more Premium service! If the campaign ends, you can go to the Premium detail page to subscribe to the service.
10.What platforms are supported in this campaign?
This campaign is just available for Android and iOS users. Users of Windows Phone and other platforms cannot participate at the moment.
11.What should I do if I failed to sign up?
Please contact support@intsig.com to report this.
12.What should I do if I cannot download the app?
Please contact support@intsig.com to report this.
13.What should I do if I cannot refer friends via the provided methods?
Please contact support@intsig.com to report this.
14.What does CamScanner do?
CamScanner helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers.
15.What Premium Do?
1.Edit OCR results and notes of the entire doc, exporting as .txt file
2.Add 10G cloud space
3.Add 40 extra collaborators
4.Secure document share link
5.Batch download PDF files at www.camscanner.com
6.Every benefit registrants enjoys
7.Everything paid app offers
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