CamScanner for high work and learning efficiency
Scan, save, archive, upload, search, and easily acquire and manage information anytime, anywhere
Mobile scanner
Say goodbye to the cumbersome operation of the scanner, a mobile phone can do it all anytime, anywhere
Auto trimming, image beauty
Snap Docs with mobile phone, auto remove messy background, and generate HD JPEG images or PDF files
Wireless printing, global fax
Allow wireless printing, and fax to more than 30 countries in the world
OCR recognition, Image to text
Long text in image can be converted to text instantaneously, and 40 languages (including Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean) can be recognized
Multiple devices, sync any time
File synchronization and backup for reading work anytime and anywhere
Edit files in PDF freely
Online PDF toolkit supports free merging, splitting, and compression of files, as well as quick addition of electronic signatures and watermarks
Scan, Edit & Manage, in One-stop platform
Efficient management
File management via multiple devices (including mobile phones, tablets and computers) and file sharing via multiple channels (including email, Facebook, Twitter and So on)
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HD scanning
Use cellphone to shoot paper documents, automatically remove the messy background, and generate HD scanning copy via various image optimization modes
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All-round conversion
Accurate text extraction with one key (OCR) and supporting conversion of various formats (including PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and image)
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Editing files in PDF
PDF processing tool supporting file merging, splitting, compressing, annotating, adding signature and watermark, and editing text in files in PDF
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A common choice for global users,has been downloaded over 700 million times
CamScanner is a great app for auditors. You know when you are facing tons of books and statements, CamScanner makes your life a lot easier.
It is very convenient for me to scan my hand-written case histories and prescriptions into my phone and tablet so that I can discuss with my colleague
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